Notre Dame Burns: Famous French Cathedral Damaged by Fire


The famous french cathedral Notre Dame in flames monday, april 15th, 2019 (credit: Julien De Rosa/EPA)

Lindsey Miller, Editor in Chief

PARIS, France—Monday, April 15th, 2019, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France caught fire during the day and burned for several hours; most of the damage occurring to the building’s oak roof and spire (both which had been constructed during the 13th century) (

Paris public prosecutor Remy Heitz made an announcement Tuesday saying, “-we are favoring the theory of an accident-” and that a comprehensive probe into the cause of the fire was currently being investigated (

Shortly after the fire, several wealthy French families pledged a total of over $500,000,000 to help restore the famous cathedral ( addition, renovations were already in motion before the fire, so several statues and artifacts were already off of the property before the fire took place; officials are still not sure if the renovation and fire are linked (