Life on Campus: Library Interview


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Sarah Kanas, Staff Writer

It’s another day at Kishwaukee College, and the library is bustling with activity. Carol Wubbena works in the library and  helps students with whatever they need such as textbooks, resources and technical difficulties with computers. I made a stop at the library yesterday and asked Carol about the benefits and resources needed for students.

SK: What is your connection and history with the Kishwaukee College library?

CW: I worked at Kishwaukee College since the fall of 1995 and they asked me to apply for the job by the former Kish librarian, Jean Evens. We knew each other because I took over her position in at the Geneva public library. When she left and I followed her here. I applied for a job and was interviewed. They offered the job to me and I had been in the same role at Kishwaukee College for the past twenty-four years.

SK: What resources does the Kishwaukee College library provide for students?

CW: The main purpose of the library is to provide resources to the students for research projects such as speeches and papers, site sources, and the open-use computer lab. This purpose also includes a textbook reserve collection; which required textbooks used for college classes and students can check the textbooks out with a Kish ID for two hours at a time. While most textbooks stay in the library. We also have a quiet study area on the second floor where we offer two study rooms, specialized books for fiction, novels, and career research. There are also some books that help students explore careers, writing resumes, cover letters and help them prepare for job interviews. There is also an audio-book collection, a music book collection and a college life collection that encourages students to be successful in college. The college life collection also helps students apply to colleges and transfer books that give information about scholarships. Lastly, there are books that help students become better students by learning how to manage college, what skills they can use for studying, how to take tests and how to study for math classes and other classes that are available on campus.

SK: What are some of the benefits students have when they use and visit the library?

CW: We support the curriculum so teachers can tell students they need to get the sources beyond the textbooks they need for their classes. Students can also look at books, journal articles and we provide topics to them on what they are learning in each class. We also offer a settlement curriculum and provide sources that helps students learn more about the contact of the class other than just the textbook.

SK: What are some of the main reasons students visit the library?

CW: Students can use the opened used computer lab, find a place to study and do their homework. They can also look through the textbook reserved collections and ask for help on finding sites and sources.

SK: What are the library hours?

CW: The library hours run Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 4pm and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am to 7pm. Our hours are sometimes adjusted for various reasons; yet out normal hours are available during the fall and spring semesters and the reduced hours are available in the summer. If students don’t know that hours of the library, they can check the website a or look at the hours listed on the library’s page in mykc.

SK: For more information, where can students go?

CW: Students can come in the library and ask at the circulation desk; which is the desk inside the entrance or call at 815-825-9330. They can also email any of the staff members of the library and their emails as well as their phone numbers are available on mykc located on the libaray’s page under the contacts.

Yes, students have the freedom to contact Carol Wubbena and other staff members working in the library in case they need help with their homework or looking for a book to read. For more information, visit the library page at or call at 815-825-9330.