Life on Campus: Disability Services Interview

Sarah Kanas

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Out of all the sites of Kishwaukee College, the Disability Services is the place where students with disabilities can go to when they need help with reading a test or setting up accommodations for the courses they choose to take on campus. Mary Ann Miller is one of the staff members who works at the computer in the disability center and handles the calls and emails from students with disabilities and their instructors for their classes. I decided to stop by and ask Mary Ann some questions about the disability center and what students can do when struggling in their classes.


SK: What do you do in the center?


MAM: We grade the students, make appointments and send emails to both the students and the instructors. For instance, we email the instructors to let them know what the students with disabilities need in order for them to pass the classes they take in each semester on campus. We also read tests to the students and help them with other things that must be done.


SK: What types of services do you offer?


MAM: We use accommodations and provide for students with disabilities that will help them pass their classes by giving them a note-taker form for them to sign if the struggle with taking notes. If tests seem to difficult for a student with a disability to take on his/her own, we read read them out loud and give out the description of what the tests are based on the class they are taking. We also need to make sure the students get the accommodations they need for their classes so they could succeed on the things they need to know in each subject.


SK: What are some benefits in using your services?


MAM: Students can receive extra time on tests and have a private room that is relaxed environment for them to feel more comfortable and have the ability to work and relax in order to deal with stress. The Disability Center is a more relaxed environment  where they won’t feel pressured or anxious when providing an environment where they feel comfortable in the the classes they take.


SK: What are some reasons students visit the center?


MAM: Students can contact the office to receive accommodations for classes to help them with testing, extended time on assignments and set the time they need on their assignments for each class. Any student with disabilities can use the services we offer and we need to make sure they need the accommodations in order to succeed.


SK: What is your office hours?


MAM: Our offices hours run from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.


SK: What is your contact information?


MAM: Our contact information is (815)-825-2931 and our email is [email protected]


SK: How do the students take advantage of these services?


MAM: Students can call or email us to set up an appointment of what they need or they can meet with an accommodation specialist to go through the documentations of their disability. Afterwards, they can set up an accommodation according to the student’s disability.


SK: Do they need to make an appointment?


MAM: Yes. Students need to make an appointment incase they need notes from a note-taker or to have a test read out loud to them. When doing this, the students will have a better chance of passing their classes  and being successful on what they want to do for their futures.


And the students with disabilities succeed in their classes and reach their goals in life. For more information on how to help your child or student with a disability, log on to or call at (815)-825-2931.

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