The Umbrella Academy: A Review of Netflix’s Breakout First Season

Promotional Image of the main cast of The Umbrella Academy (Source:

Lindsey Miller, Editor in Chief

The Umbrella Academy, released on February 15th, 2019 by Netflix, is based off a comic series by the same name; created by musician/writer Gerard Way, and writer Gabriel Bá (

With the comic originally being published by Dark Horse Comics in 2007, and the rights to a film version optioned by Universal Pictures in 2008, The Umbrella Academy has had a long journey before ultimately becoming a Netflix series, with a first season release of 10 episodes (

The Netflix series quickly rose to online acclaim, currently holding an 8.3/10 via the Internet Movie Database’s rating system ( and a 74% freshness rating via Rotten Tomatoes (

Although it was popular to binge all 10 episodes within a day or two, I took about 2 weeks to work through the first season, and overall, I really enjoyed the series.

The Umbrella Academy brings a new perspective into traditional comic book archetypes and follows the harrowing misadventures of 7 adopted superhero-siblings looking for answers after their father’s mysterious death.

While the show does bring some great SFX and beautifully choreographed combat scenes to the table, The Umbrella Academy is, at its core, a story about family, and a rather dysfunctional one. The back-and-forth between lighter sibling banter and a darker, grittier, major story arc helps keep the series from becoming both too campy or too serious.

Overall, I would give The Umbrella Academy a 4.5/5. For the first season, it delivers excellent plot, visuals, and content, but given it’s sprawling cast of 7+ main characters, 10 episodes feels a little too short to give every story arc it’s due. However, I still think that the series is a breath of fresh air to Netflix’s library, and I’m excited to see where the series goes in season two.