5 Benefits of Eating Vegan


Fried tofu, cucumber and cashew-filled vegan quinoa bowl: Photo by Danielle Occhiogross on Good House Keeping

Trinity Hensley

(Fried tofu cucumber and cashew-filled vegan quinoa bowl: Photo by Danielle Occhiogross on Good House Keeping)


What is veganism? Veganism is when someone chooses not to eat animal by-products due to health benefits,to stop animal cruelty, and only eats plant-based foods. Animal by-products includes meat, cheese, milk, and eggs (www.vegansociety.com).  


The reason I became vegan over a year ago, was because of the many great health benefits that come with it. Here are five amazing health benefits linked to eating vegan:


Eating animal fats can lead to many different illnesses such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, and various cancers. By refraining from eating animal fats it lowers the risk of one having any of these illnesses (www.medicalnewstoday.com).


Many believe that meat eaters have a higher risk to be affected by colorectal and prostate cancers. It is said that legumes, fruits, and vegetables help the body fight against cancer. In other words, eating a vegan diet may prevent several kinds of cancers (www.medicalnewstoday.com).


Products that use animal by-products are known to be higher in fats, so simply cutting the animal products out of one’s diet may help weight loss. Also, food with animal by-products has more calories than plant-based food, allowing plant-based eaters to consume more food than meat eaters and still be able to lose weight (www.medicalnewstoday.com).


Skin complexion is also affected when it comes to being vegan. Many studies have shown that people who eat plant-based diets have clearer and brighter complexion due to the natural antioxidants being put into their bodies (www.thisisinsider.com).


After all these benefits, are you going to give it a try?