My Perspective on Kscope

Michael Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief

I have been on the K-scope staff for the past four semesters here at Kishwaukee College.


I have been the Editor-in-Chief for the past two semesters, and attempted to make the newspaper well known throughout the Kishwaukee campus. My first semester in the K-scope was one of my toughest years in college. It was my second year and I just begun to take harder and harder classes. I mainly took K-scope to help with my essay writing skills. Many sub-groups were created within K-scope , given that we had almost 20 people on the staff. Among those groups, some were against the current Editor-in-Chief, some for, and one that was fairly neutral. I didn’t feel like I belonged to any of them.  Nevertheless, I ended up liking my first semester and decided to take it for another year of K-scope.


My second semester at the  K-scope was different because we didn’t have an Editor-in-Chief.. We worked more collaboratively, rather than having someone tell us what we needed to do in order to pass the class. With a group of ten, I didn’t think that having an editor-in-chief would work as well as it did.


Starting my third semester of K-scope, James Haberstich and I were appointed Editor-in-Chiefs by the K-scope advisor. With two people running the K-scope, it ran smoothly, with duties being split between two people. I felt like I didn’t have to rush anything with the staff, because James was there if I needed him(and vise versa).


The semester ended, and almost the whole staff decided to not take the class again. Only 2 students returned.


My last year at the K-scope was the most difficult because of a smaller staff, as well as the fact that  I have been moving for almost the entire semester. Between trying to move and run a class, I struggled, falling behind. With me getting behind, I learned that people will step up and take charge of the class with someone falling behind on their duties. I felt like trying to have parties to help develop K-scope didn’t work as well as I planned it. I felt like that K-scope has just stuck to writing articles and not trying to expand the class (which isn’t a bad thing!), but the class might not run without more people trying to be involved with K-scope. I have felt like that taking the class all four semesters have helped me write on-the-fly, and helped me learn to tell the difference between good and bad sources t.


Overall, I think that taking the class will help students that aren’t strong at writing.