Young Americans for Liberty come to Kishwaukee College: Group to Start Chapter on Kishwaukee Campus


The Young Americans for Liberty’s Free Speech Ball on Kishwaukee Campus (Credit: Steven Scheele)

Lindsey Miller, Editor, Staff Writer

Famous quotes, twitter handles, and inside jokes decorated a large beach ball outside the Kishwaukee Cafeteria on Tuesday, November 13th.

But why was it there? Brought by the Steven Scheele, Kishwaukee student and member of the Young Americans for Liberty, a “pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses” (, the large beach ball was meant to be a method of free speech and allow students to exercise their first amendment rights. I got in touch with Steven Scheele to ask him more about his organization:


L: Who are the Young Americans for Liberty? What is their mission?

S: YAL says it better than I can on its site- “Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the largest, most active, and fastest-growing pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses. With hundreds of chapters and thousands of youth activists nationwide, our mission is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists to make liberty win.


L: What is the timeline/plan of the Young Americans for Liberty? What is their timeline/plan for Kishwaukee College?

S: Currently I am just trying to get enough members to sign a charter to start an official club at Kishwaukee, hopefully all the responses we got doing the free speech ball will have garnered enough interest that I’ll be able to get enough signatures to get the club started.


L: The Young Americans for Liberty’s website writes that the YAL is the “fastest-growing pro-liberty organization on America’s college campuses”, what does liberty mean to you? How might liberty affect Kishwaukee College students?

S: To me, liberty means the right to determine your own future and to live and act within your own beliefs and morals. Not to have your future decided for you or to feel unduly forced into actions that violate your own beliefs by an external force. For everyone, not just us students at Kishwaukee, liberty is what allows us to be free and prosper as Americans. Having liberty means not being afraid of legal backlash for voicing an opinion, being free to dress and express yourself however you wish and having the right to defend yourself. Just think how different our lives would be if we didn’t have this liberty that we Americans take for granted.


L: How can students get involved with the Young Americans for Liberty at Kishwaukee College?

S: Students can get involved with Young Americans for Liberty by going to YAL’s website, and joining the Kishwaukee chapter through the website, or by emailing me at [email protected].