Art Show At Kishwaukee College: Interview with Amy Smith

Shianna Thompson, staff writer

Shianna: So what is your name and role in the art show?


Amy Smith: I am Amy Smith and I am an assistant professor of English here at Kish Lucky and I also help in the art gallery and so I work with Gina Andrey who is our student worker and a number of other people on our campus who are interested in the art gallery and who really want to bring good shows to the campus.


Shianna: How long have you been working at the art show?


Amy Smith: Well I’ve been I’ve been at Kishwaukee for 25 years and I have worked with the art gallery in various ways probably for about 10 years. I used to be the editor of the Kameleon which is the college’s literary arts magazine and so in the years that I was editor I was working in the gallery to show some of the artwork that had been entered for the chameleon and to have it judged and so I worked directly with the art director at that time to bring in jurors and to complete the judging of the artwork.


Shianna: Do you know when the art show are going on?


Amy Smith: The student art shows, there are a couple of those ones probably late fall semester and then one spring semester but there’s a show that we’re really very excited about.  The show that will be called faces of Kish. And that’s a show that will be done by Miles Halpern, who is our assistant professor of art here at the college, and for about a year he has been painting, sketching, students and, professors and staff all around the college portraits, just their faces. And so for his show, he is going to put up all of those all of that artwork that he’s created over the last year. So right now, I think the count is 140 pieces. Yeah, it’s a lot and he’s continuing to work on that. So that is a show faces of Kish that will be up from the middle of November through the middle of December. So we’re very excited about that.


Shianna: How do you judge the art that comes in?


Amy Smith: I’m more of an organizer. I’m truly behind the scenes person who will help to install the shows and there’s a whole team of us, but I will be helping to install the shows to interact with the artists when they are here on our campus to put up the shows and to take down the shows I do behind the scenes paperwork. And so I am not an artist myself. Okay, but I do a lot of the background work.


Shianna: How many pieces do you guys try to put in the show?


Amy Smith: Well, it’s that’s really totally dependent on each show. The one is the one that’s currently down there, by Jeremy Foy. I think he has about 20 or 25 pieces and some are three dimensional, some two dimensional so it’s a really nice variety of work as I said, Miles Halpern and show that’s coming in November that will have probably at least 150 pieces in it. And so it’s that’s totally dependent on the show.


Shianna: When are the upcoming shows?


Amy Smith: November 14 through December 13. That’s faces of Kish by Miles Halpern and there will probably be a student art show just after that, so probably mid-December through the opening of spring semester through probably mid-January. The student art show will be going on it we are we are negotiating this right now. But it looks like there’s going to be a high school student show coming in March- mid-March and then the spring student art show will go up in early May and will be up through the Kishwaukee College graduation.


Shianna: Do you know all the people that work on your team?


Amy Smith: Chase who is a dean here at the college.Kurt Jepsen the Associate Dean of the art communications and Social Sciences Division. Amy Smith from the English department Kim Georgiou, the who is an administrative assistant for the CSS division assist their arts communication social sciences Gina Andrade, who is our our gallery student worker,  so the five of us okay Chase, Jetson Kim, Gina and me, we’re sort of the core team were advised by miles helpers from the art department and many, many other people around campus.


So sometimes we go to the library in and look up records they are in the librarians help us our marketing department helps us to create materials for marketing our shows.

So our maintenance department, they were just in yesterday helping Jeremy Foy hang some of his heavy our work.

So there are people all over our campus working on the art gallery, our administrators are very involved, they help us to select shows and they help us to put together receptions for the artists when they come to campus to talk about their work.

So our administrative team is very strong and involved in the gallery.

So it’s really a cool place on campus because it brings together people from all over cash. So that’s one of the really neat things about the art gallery.

And of course, of course, our students who are the reason that we put these shows out in the first place.

You know, one of our one of our hopes for this coming year is that we can have all of the doors of our gallery open at various times.

So you know, when you walk past the gallery, and they are the windows and usually just the main front door is open.

We’re hoping that we can move into a phase where we open the whole gallery, all those windows will be open so students can just come and wander through and see what’s there and talk to each other and really feel very welcome to be part of the gallery because it exists first


Shianna: Are you guys going to try to keep it open longer


Amy Smith: Right now our hours tend to Monday through Thursday,

and our hope is there we can have enough staffing to be open a little bit longer, but right now it’s looking like we’re going to have those consistent hours tended to Monday through Thursday.


Shianna: Any advice for the students that are wanting to put artwork in the gallery, I guess you know,


Amy Smith: my advice would be to get involved with the art department here on campus. That’s a great way to have your artwork shown in the gallery because Kish is very committed to the students are chosen those are some of the most important shows that we have on our campus. So you know, you can be in those by being in our classes here on campus. So get involved and come and see the shows that we have going on through the year. We’d love to see you there.


Shianna: Okay, thanks for your time.