Eric Reid Continues to Kneel During the National Anthem

Eric Reid’s Movement to Help Stop Social Injustice.


NFL star, Eric Reid kneeling during the National Anthem at Carolina Panthers home game.

David Gilpin, Staff Writer

Eric Reid, a NFL star, continues to protest by kneeling during the National Anthem. Reid plays safety for the Carolina Panthers. Reid has had history kneeling during the National Anthem so it comes to no surprise that he is doing so again. Reid had protested by kneeling alongside former teammate Colin Kaepernick while he was a member for the San Francisco 49ers in 2016. Kaepernick now apart of a much larger campaign, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Photo: Complex. Eric Reid (left) seen kneeling alongside former teammate Colin Kaepernick (right) during the National Anthem in 2016.

Eric Reid was an unsigned free agent for quite sometime after leaving the San Francisco 49ers. Just recently signing a free agent deal with the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers signed Reid during their bye week last month. They were in desperate need for a veteran safety in their backfield on defense.

Reid continues to protest to bring awareness to social injustice. He supports the Black Lives Matter movement and wants to try and help stop the deaths of people of color from the police. Reid has spoken out in the past on how he felt the social injustice he sees everyday is hurtful and his opinion on the topic is very public.

After kneeling during the National Anthem a few Sundays ago, Reid stood up and was comforted by several teammates. One of them being Julius Peppers, also another veteran on the team who at times would stay in the locker room during the National Anthem, as that was his way of protesting.

Eric Reid got tons of support on social media including some from his former teammate Colin Kaepernick on Twitter. Kaepernick and Reid have been friends for a while now, and they continue to show support for one another all the time. Kaepernick is known to be the person to start the kneeling movement during the National Anthem. Even after Kaepernick went unsigned, Reid continued to kneel to show his  unconditional support for the movement.

The Panthers did not let Eric Reid’s act distract them from winning the game. The Carolina Panther go on and take a 33-31 victory over the New York Giants that Sunday. Panthers head coach Ron Rivera had a few things to say when questioned about Reid’s act telling press “I’m not going to talk about a guy exercising his First Amendment rights,”, “What I’m going to talk about is the football game, because to me it’s about what happens on the football field.” The Carolina Panthers now sit with a 3-2 record, second in the NFC South division behind the New Orleans Saints.