Limo Crash Leaves 20 Dead in Amsterdam, New York

Michael Kennedy, Editor-in-Chief

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Many people gather around the Mohawk River in New York to remember the 20 victims of a limousine crash. On Monday evening, people gathered “near a pedestrian bridge in the city of 17,000 that was home to many of the crash victims” ( They all prayed beneath a 12-foot bronze statue of a mother and child. The observed the statue in a moment of silence before a singer led the group of people in “Amazing Grace.”

According to text messages from one of the victims, they said that the limo’s condition was a bit worrisome. One of the text messages said that their party bus had broken down and they had rented a limo to get them the rest of the way. In another text, Erin Vertucci McGowan said that “the motor is making everyone deaf” (

The 17 passengers were on their way to a birthday party when they crashed into a parked SUV. This accident is the deadliest US transportation accident in almost a decade. All 17 passengers were killed including the driver and two pedestrians.

An investigation was set out onto to find the cause of the crash. They explained to the press that the officials were worried about the car due to it being a 2001 Ford Excursion that was converted into a limo. Many people were worried about the aftermarket parts that would need to be put onto it to make it a limo. They said that the parts “can affect a vehicle’s structural integrity and safety” (

The drive was suppose to have a commercial driver’s license with passenger endorsement but didn’t. The car also failed inspection and was not supposed to be on any road way.


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