Hurricane Florence Barrels Towards East Coast

North and South Carolina both Declare States of Emergency as the Category 4 Storm Approaches

Lindsey Miller, Staff Writer

Hurricane Florence as viewed from a space station on the morning of Monday, September 10th. Photo Credit:

Hurricane Florence continues on its path towards the United States as many East Coast citizens begin mandatory evacuations ( As of Monday, September 10th, the storm was upgraded to a Category 4 Hurricane, and both North and South Carolina have declared a state of emergency, anticipating the incoming storm (

In addition to the storm itself, concerns over intense flooding “as far inland as Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia” add to the damage Hurricane Florence could deal (

In addition, Gov. Roy Cooper (North Carolina) said that not only 200 National Guard have been activated, but also that many more are available (

Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall in the Carolinas this upcoming Thursday (