Celebrating 50 Years With Kishwaukee College

Morgan Culton, Staff Writer

Kishwaukee College, founded in 1968, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. To commemorate this, Kaleidoscope took to the halls and interviewed 50 students about their experiences here at Kish!


Which teacher would best survive a zombie apocalypse?


Robert Whitten (Alumnus): “Adam Hughes. He has plans and back-up plans. He would see it coming if he didn’t start it first.”

Dustin Fischer (So): “Alan Edgecombe. He has a physics degree. He would be able to make some sort of contraption before they came here to take care of it.”

Anonymous (Fr): “I think Adam Hughes would survive the zombie apocalypse due to his ability to subsist solely off of the environment, and also because he watches a lot of sci-fi so I feel like he’s pretty prepared for such an event.”

Ella Valerius (So): “Leonard McCall. He gives the best advice. He’d know what to do.”

Katie Parsons (Fr): “Adam Hughes. He’s super smart about the environment, can grow his own food, and probably already has a cure for the zombified humans.”


If the school was a movie, what movie would we all be in?


Zach Dodson (So): “Avengers: Infinity War. I disappear when I don’t feel so good.”

Haley Kohout (So): “Transformers, most likely from my history of films. A normal college with a bunch of quirky students with a wide variety of personalities.”

Victoria Ruud (Fr): The Sandlot, minus baseball because it’s dry.”

Derek Tijerina (So): High School Musical, because ya’ll so dramatic!”

Elliot P. (So): Dazed and Confused. Sense of comradery.”


Which teacher or staff member is most likely an undercover superhero? What is his or her superpower?


Kelly VanDerHeyDen (Fr): “Dr. Todd West with the power of ‘derailment,’ making everyone around forget what they were supposed to be doing.”

Tavarif Terrell (So): “Pernevlon Ellis. Night Vision.”

Eriq Walker (Fr): “James Mais can increase the force of gravity around him, causing time to speed up in his presence, but move at a normal pace everywhere else. This also means he doesn’t have enough time to teach all the material he wants, ultimately making him have to shorten his lessons.”

Kassandra Gayton (Fr): “LaCretia Konan. Super speed.”

Amanda Ness (Fr): “Taylor Walrath would be an undercover superhero. His superpower would be making students’ days and taking the stress off of school.”


What was your most embarrassing Kish moment?


Cinthya Romero (Fr): “I sat in a class for a whole hour and it was the wrong class. I didn’t want to leave because everyone would have looked at me.”

Anonymous (So): “In the beginning of the fall semester, I walked into a class that I swear had the same room number. I sat down in the back of the class and all of the students were girls. There were two huge stacks of paper on the teacher’s desk and I thought ‘this is going to be such a hard class.’ The teacher came in and introduced herself and started handing out papers, but never said anything about what class it was yet. When I got all the papers I started thinking ‘am I in the right class?’ So, I turned and asked someone ‘this is music appreciation right?’ She looked at me and said ‘No, this is nursing.’”

Madeline Humm (Fr): “I got lost and ended up being late to class. Everyone was looking at me.”

Sarah Swinton (So): “I’ve almost body-slammed people several times going around corners.”

Anonymous (Fr): “My phone going off in class and the ringtone being a really emo song.”


What is your most memorable Kish experience?


Fabian Hueramo (Fr): “Had a pizza party in career planning class with Missy Gillis.”

Kat Salis (Fr): “Staying up until 3:00 a.m. to finish my chem lab reports for Laura Murdaugh.”

Spencer Mulso (Fr): “The experiences of meeting new people, especially in the game room, has been a surprise to me with all of the connections and new relationships I’ve made with people.”

Russell Heibel (So): “My creative writing class.”

Anonymous (Fr): “My professor farted once.”


Which project or assignment challenged you most?


Amanda Ciceroni (Fr): “Last semester’s final speech because I don’t like public speaking and it was eight minutes long.”

Jaxon Bourne (So): “I think the most challenging project for me was my volunteer project for environmental biology. It’s been hard to find time for anything since I’ve been working and going to school. With the project I needed to find an organization to volunteer at to help the environment, since I had my work and school times so close together I had to use the time I was on call for work as my volunteer time.”

Anonymous (Fr): “Economics honors project.”

Anonymous (So): “Final paper in Composition II. The topic was difficult to find information on and it was a really long paper.”

Anonymous: “My communications homework.”


Which Kish tradition are you most proud of?


Jacob Stelton (So): “Kougar Kick-off.”

Lupe Garcia (So): “The Kish Bash and the Kish Kick-off are pretty neat!”

Markese Dillon (So): “Kish Bash.”

Anonymous: “Student Government Association.”

Anonymous: “Passport trip around, seeing new clubs.”


Which Kish event did you look forward to the most? Did it meet expectations?


Evan Swedberg (Fr): “Art shows, yes. The atmosphere was nice and they included snacks which was great.”

Caylee Greer (So): “The basketball games. They were fun but I wish more students would go to create a fan section. Other than that, it’s still fun to go to.”

Kevin Infante (Fr): “Girl’s basketball, no.”

Lauren Ross (Fr): “I went to a softball game to support a friend. I know the team. They cheer a lot, so it was fun.”

Anonymous (Fr): “The Kish Bash at the beginning of the year in the courtyard.”


Why did you choose Kishwaukee College?


Cris Luna (So): “Because it’s local and cheap.”

Sarah Lehan (So): “I chose Kish because I grew up with two family members that went to this school and I also thought this school was pretty cool. I always thought that I wanted to go to this school because it was close to where I was born and raised and it’s also close to my family so I can visit them when I want to.”

Anonymous (Fr): “Close to home and cheaper.”

Anonymous: “Close to home, to get my Gen-Ed’s, and because it was cheaper than university.”

Anonymous: “It was the closest community college to home.”


Do you have any advice for incoming Kish students?


Kimberly Baker (So): “Talk to your professors! Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions!”

Katie Yunek (Fr): “Study hard and meet new people. You get to restart in college, so make it count.”

Elizabeth Fritz (Fr): “Make connections with others in your classes and get together. Study groups are the best way to study and help each other understand! Also, make connections with the teachers. They are here to help!”

Tammy Miller (So): “Attend class every day, even the 8:00 a.m. ones! Ask questions, make use of office hours, and chill out!”

Anonymous (Fr): “Make friends. You’d be surprised how much having a friend group can help in both academics and just getting through the semester in general.”