What Makes Redheads So Unique?

Morgan Culton, Staff Writer

On May 18, the UK will be celebrating Redhead Day in London. But what is it that makes redheads worth celebrating? Everything that makes them unique! Here are five unique things that you didn’t know about redheads.


1. Only 2% of the world’s human population have red hair, making it the rarest hair color. This equates to about 140 million people (Wordsiseek.com). Even rarer are those with both red hair and blue eyes that make up just 0.017% of the population (Simplemost.com)!

(Photo Credit to Pinterest.com)


2. Redheads are more sensitive to changes in temperature that any other hair color. It’s believed that the mutated MC1R protein that is responsible for red hair causes the temperature detecting gene to become over-activated. This makes redheads feel a bit more chilly than others (Medicaldaily.com).

(Photo Credit to Kchanews.com)


3. Redheads need more anesthesia during surgery! The MC1R gene is related to the genes that detect pain and actually makes redheads more sensitive to pain. Because of this, redheads need about 20% more anesthesia than other hair colors (Medicaldaily.com).

(Photo Credit to Stuffyoushouldknow.com)


4. Red hair retains its color far longer than any other hair color. This means that it rarely grays. Instead, the color will slowly fade out to copper, then to a rosy blonde, and then to white (gingerparrot.co.uk).

(Photo Credit to Seniors.lovetoknow.com)


5. Redheads produce their own Vitamin D. Because of their fair skin, they are easily burned by UV rays. Because of the low level of eumelanin in their body, they can not absorb an adequate amount of Vitamin D from the sun. But, redheads are actually able to create their own Vitamin D when in low light (gingerparrot.co.uk)!

(Photo Credit to Velocityhonolulu.com)