Adam Bergeron, Staff Writer

Crispr is a strand of DNA medical researchers stirred up to enable them to edit parts of the genome by removing, adding, or altering sections of the DNA sequence. This will help with control of future diseases and bacterial infections or viruses.

MRS Bulletin

This is a big deal considering that eventually there will be no more Down syndrome or HIV.Even cancer will be as hopeless as the common cold. Of course with life saving, history changing inventions and discoveries comes a price. With Crispr, medical researchers can edit DNA as precisely as an adolescent picks out his favorite toy. Genetic modification allows medical scientist to swap out certain traits and replace them with a more “presentable”, or “reasonable” gene. So the future is going to consist of new stores that will be called “Make a baby” where couples will be able to piece together their perfect child. Sickening, I mean if we were to use this technological discovery in a sense of taking over other countries then by all means go for it, but using it to literally shape a child and pick out their physical and mental traits to someone’s satisfaction seems unethical, that is not how the world should be. Controlling disease and getting rid of it, for sure, but to change actual traits like blue eyes, long blonde hair, perfect eyebrows and lashes, this world will be filled with people who look alike because everyone is going to want a perfect looking child. Well hate to break it to you, but imperfections are what make people perfect.