Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria

Suspected Chemical Attack In Syria Injures and Kills Civilians

James Haberstich, Co-Editor In Chief

A chemical attack was suspected on April 7, 2018  in Douma, a suburb in Damascus, Syria ( This supposed attack has killed and injured many people, and other countries are starting to speak of what action they will take now that the event is being investigated further.

        It is unknown exactly how this event may have started, but many symptoms have been shown amongst the people in Douma. There has been a lot of discussion of this event’s validity, as many people are still unsure that it happened. Nevertheless, the media has received images and information of the supposed attack and people are upset. These people include several over countries in the UN and citizens of those countries. The Syrian civil war has been going on for a while and there is also talk that this event might be heavily related to the civil war.

Young victims of the suspected chemical attack. Photo credit to

        Around 500 individuals are showing symptoms of a chemical attack in the suburb of Douma in Syria. Some of these symptoms include the victims’ eyes burning, problems with breathing, and a white foam coating around the mouth. Around 70 people died while taking shelter in basements, and around 43 of the 70 individuals had symptoms associated with being around strong chemicals. There have been several graphic images leaked out from media sources of the victims, and some residents of Douma said that they saw objects falling from the sky. After these objects fell, they reported a smell similar to chlorine in the surrounding area. News of rebel fighters turning over territory to the Syrian government was also released. Even after this news was released, the Syrian government stated that they had no part of this supposed chemical attack, and that the rebel fighters may have used this supposed attack as propaganda (

A victim of the suspected attack is tended to. Photo credit to

        Several countries across the globe have responded to the suspected attack. President Donald Trump has already sent out tweets regarding the attack, calling Syrian president Bashar al-Assad a “Gas Killing Animal” and stating that missiles are coming towards Syria. Russia has responded to U.S. missile “threats” by stating that they will shoot down any missiles headed towards Syria. Even with these threats, the United States has not yet taken any military action. Defense Secretary James Mattis told media sources that the U.S. is looking into whether Assad’s regime has taken any part in this supposed chemical attack (

        This attack is awful, and many innocent people have been hurt due to the incident. At the moment, this event still has not been confirmed but there are a lot of people who are already prepared if it is true. Only time will tell what will happen next and if any action will affect the current state in Syria, especially its civil war.