School Shooting an act of terrorism?

I'm a sign, not a cop.

I’m a sign, not a cop.

Adam Bergeron, Staff Writer

“No single law — no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world, or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society, but that can’t be an excuse for inaction.” Barack Obama said at the Dec. 16 memorial service for the 26 victims of the Newtown,Connecticut shooting (

Mass shootings around the country are raising questions regarding our country’s gun control laws. Since the beginning of 2018 alone we have had 62 shootings ( When I racked up all of the injured and killed stats of all the shootings I calculated 77 people killed and 281 injured! It’s only been four months into the new year. At this rate, by the end of the year there will be 843 injured and 231 people killed in mass shootings. That will probably not be the final number for the end of the year but an estimate.

A question arose when I was taking surveys so I will clarify:
Are school shootings an act of terrorism? The results from my survey show that most people would agree, although a surprisingly large amount also disagree. There are two main types of terrorism, international and domestic terrorism. International terrorism is defined as an individual who is associated or motivated by a foreign terrorist organization or nation. Domestic terrorism is an individual or group of people who are inspired by U.S. – based movements on political, religious, social, racial, or environmental theory and policy in hopes to start a revolution. Those definitions are defined on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website ( Google defines terrorism as the use of violence in the pursuit of political aims. School shootings are complicated in the sense that kids are influenced pretty easily, like how they used to tell us to stay away from strangers in white vans offering candy, but how can you explain to kids that there are people who may try to convince them to join their army of anti-government radicals? It’s terrifying. In addition, bullying is an issue. I am not saying that in a nonchalant way, I’m being dead serious. If some kid/teen is harassed to the point of taking their own life or even others than we have a completely different issue.




Gun Control Survey


Total number of participant tally’s vary due to misunderstanding, meaning people did not answer every statement.

  • School shootings are an act of terrorism.
      • Out of 68
    • Agree – 48.5%
    • Neutral – 16.2%
    • Disagree – 35.3%


  • Assault Rifles are the cause of mass shooting.
      • Out of 66
    • Agree – 32.4%
    • Neutral – 13.6%
    • Disagree – 57.5%


  • We should have stricter gun laws.
      • Out of 68
    • Agree – 36.8%
    • Neutral – 29.4%
    • Disagree – 35.3%


  • Should teachers be allowed to carry firearms?
      • Out of 67
    • Agree – 47.8%
    • Neutral – 17.9%
    • Disagree – 34.3%


  • Should the age to purchase a firearm be raised to the age of 21?
      • Out of 68
    • Agree – 32.4%
    • Neutral – 29.4%
    • Disagree – 38.2%


  • Do you think the mental health aspect is just as important as the firearm aspect?
      • Out of 67
    • Agree – 56.7%
    • Neutral – 35.1%
    • Disagree – 22.3%