Condom is in your wallet, AIDS is out to get you.

Adam Bergeron, Staff Writer


The title of this article is from a HIV and AIDS slogan, just with my twist. The original slogan states, “Condom is in your Pocket, HIV is out there” ( So for those who are not 100% sure of what HIV/AIDS is, then here is an idea. There are about 56,000 new infections every year that we know of. AIDS, a.k.a acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is caused by Human immunodeficiency virus which attacks an important white blood cell called CD4 that help fight off infection. That means you will be getting sick a lot. You will g

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et infections easily, flu-like symptoms start to occur, as well as weight loss and fatigue. You may be thinking “I’m always tired anyways

and it is way better without one,” but don’t jump off your high horse yet. HIV can be treated, but not cured. So you will be stuck with it for life for all we know. Wanna know a simple way to prevent this terrible virus? Birth control. That’s right guys and girls, a simple yet helpful invention known as condoms. These little guys of latex are not only used to prevent pregnancy, but stop the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections Condoms are not made of just latex, different companies produce condoms made out of lambskin, polyurethane, and polyisoprene. So fellas, there is no excuse to not use a condom, unless you think about the price which can range from a box of three for about $6 to a box of 10 for $15. Sure, the price may not be just right, but is the price of AIDS worth the ignorance.