Terror Attack In Southern France

Attack In Trèbes Leaves 3 Dead, 16 Injured

James Haberstich, Co-Editor In Chief

On Friday, March 23, 3 people were killed in southern France in what authorities claim was a terror attack. The gunman involved stole a car, shot at police officers, and held hostages in a supermarket. The standoff between the gunman and the police lasted a total of 4 hours and ended when police officers gunned him down. He was later identified as Redouane Lakdim, who had a previous criminal record. A woman who was close to Lakdim was also taken into custody (Cnn.com).

French Officers during the standoff involving Lakdim. Photo credit to www.news.com.au.

In addition to the 3 deaths involved in the terror attack, 16 others were injured. Lakdim was already being monitored by security services, so many are concerned and bewildered how this event was able to take place. According to a prosecutor, Lakdim stopped a white car, shot and killed the passenger, injured the driver, and then went towards a barracks. He waited for soldiers, fired upon a group of four officers, and seriously wounded one of them. After doing this he went to a Super U supermarket, shouted “Allahu Akbar”, and fired upon a group of about 50 people. This resulted in the death of one customer as well as an employee of the supermarket (Theguardian.com).

Emergency responders arrive on the scene of the incident. Photo credit to www.waaytv.com.

The successful attempt to stop Lakdim began when Arnaud Beltrame, a police officer, noticed what was going on, offered himself in place of one of the hostages, and went in the supermarket. Once inside, the officer left his cell phone switched on, which allowed emergency responders to monitor the activity inside. The responders feared that Lakdim would begin shooting hostages again and sent in police officers. They killed Lakdim and the officer who took a hostage’s place had been seriously injured in the crossfire (Latimes.com).


After the attack, a witness named Madeline Fuhrman said that Trèbes had gone quiet after the attack and, “It’s totally deserted now. Absolutely every shop is closed. There’s not a soul in sight,” The president of France, Emmanuel Macron stated that, “Our country has suffered an Islamist terrorist attack,” and “This attack has been claimed by ISIS, and it is currently being analyzed,” (Cnn.com).