Sue Gets Her Own Suite

Morgan Culton, Staff Writer

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Since Sue, the largest, most complete T-Rex fossil ever discovered, settled down in Chicago, she has called Stanley Field Hall her home. Now, for the first time in 18 years, Sue is making a move.


The Chicago Field Museum’s 40.5 foot long T-Rex, will be experiencing a change of scenery come the spring of 2019. After having been settled in the museum’s main hall since 2000, Sue will debut as part of the Evolving Planet exhibit. Several other changes are to be expected during Sue’s hiatus as well. For one, Sue’s original 600 pound skull that is currently displayed on the museum’s second floor balcony will be joining Sue in the new gallery inside of the exhibit. Sue will also be subject to modifications including a change in pose and an addition to her skeleton (


On February 5, 2018, Sue’s dismantlement began. Bill Simpson, Sue’s owner, explained that Sue was dwarfed by the 70 foot tall ceilings of Stanley Field Hall, and that Sue will be moved to a new home in a second floor gallery to honor her title as the largest T-Rex ever discovered.


February 11, 2018, Sue’s dismantling in progress.

A model of a Titanosaur, a long necked, herbivorous dinosaur three times the length of Sue will be taking Sue’s place in Stanley Field Hall. The model will occupy about a third of the main hall with its head peeking over the second story balcony (

Unlike Sue, who was guarded by a perimeter of fence, the Titanosaur model will be open for visitors to touch and take pictures with (


Although visitors will no longer be welcomed to the museum by the world’s fiercest prehistoric predator, Sue will surely continue to astonish visitors from her new personal suite.

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