6 Things For Single People to Do This Valentine’s Day

Date Ideas for Me, Myself, and I


Photo credit to Jupiter Images.

Sophie West, Editor

So, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Maybe you are beating that dinner-and-a-movie dead horse with your soon-to-be significant other. Maybe you’re attending an exciting Valentine’s Day party (On a Wednesday? Maybe not). Or, like last year, maybe you are alone on your couch, watching romantic comedies and sobbing into your cat’s fur. Put aside your anxieties regarding your Valentine’s Day plans and pick a random number from the list below. Have fun!

1. Take your single friends out to dinner.
Does this sound too easy? Maybe because it is. Most of your friends are going out for Valentine’s Day, aren’t they? Finding friends who are either single or willing to go out with you instead of their significant other may prove difficult. The people willing to spend their Valentine’s Day with you are probably the kinds of people you want to have in your life.

2. Treat yourself.
Instead of wasting money on movie tickets for two, dinner for two, flowers for your date, and a gift, you can spend that money on yourself. Either you will wind up saving money, or you will have an actual excuse for spending too much money on yourself. (Let’s face it, everyone wants an excuse to spend money on themselves.) Buy yourself some chocolate, instead of waiting for someone else to buy it for you. It’s a win-win for you, but probably not for your pocketbook.

3. Watch a movie.
This may sound like a lonely way to spend your Wednesday, but  sometimes the best movies are the ones you watch by yourself. Would you rather watch Dead Poets Society than La La Land? Go for it. Carpe diem.

4. Eat your sorrows.
Instead of letting your sorrows eat away at you, why not eat away at your sorrows? Buy yourself that chocolate, turn on Dead Poets Society, sob your little heart out because Robin Williams is dead, and triumph in the glory of the written word. (Damn it, Neil. The name’s Nuwanda.)

5. Scream Adele songs at your cat.
“Set Fire to the Rain” (or, rather, slush) this February 14 and rock your cat’s world. They don’t need “Someone Like You,” they already have you. And, because chocolate is toxic to cats, you can sample that Whitman’s sampler all by yourself. Don’t have a cat? Maybe you can babysit the neighbors’ cat while they go on their date. And maybe you will get paid, and wouldn’t that be something?

6. Buy your family gifts.
Instead of blowing your money on a Valentine’s Day gift for the special someone you have yet to find, spend your money on your family. At least say “I love you,” and if you do not feel like that, at least buy them chocolate. When chocolate is given, they will know you do not feel like talking, but the chocolate will sugarcoat the holes in their hearts.