Have You Been In An Abusive Situation Before?

Safe Passage Can Help You Get Out of That Scary Situation

amanda nuckles, staff writer

Domestic violence is defined as physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse inflicted by an intimate partner or family member and crosses all class, racial, and educational lines (Safepassagedv.org/myths-facts).

If you are a student on Kishwaukee College campus, Safe Passage is more than willing to help you get out of an abusive situation. It doesn’t matter if it is mental, emotional, or physical abuse. No one deserves to be abused in any way from anyone. Staff members from Safe Passage personally come to campus for those willing to open themselves up and get the help from the right people. There are very kind people who can help you get through this tough time if you need it. There is an office open every Wednesday in room C-2100, or you can call and ask to set up an appointment with someone. You can also call 815-825-9375, or if you are in immediate danger, you can always call 911 and they will help you as much as they can.

You can find more help and information about domestic violence and how to get help in your local area by visiting the website https://www.safepassagedv.org or calling the hotline for help.