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A True Comeback Story

The Story of Josh Gordon

Photo: ESPN. WR Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns.

Photo: ESPN. WR Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns.

Tyler Didio, Staff Writer

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It was December 21, 2014 when wide receiver Josh Gordon threw his last snap in the NFL. Everyone thought the young talent out of Baylor was finished, because he was said to play every single game drunk on alcohol and high on weed. Even in his college days, Gordon would do the same “ritual” before and after the game. In a interview with GQ magazine, Gordon said, “I didn’t plan on living to 18. Day to day life, what’s gonna happen next? So you self-medicate with Xanax, with marijuana, codeine-to help numb those nerves so you can just function everyday.” It was an everyday struggle for the kid out of Baylor.

The sports world became frustrated with Gordon right when he was suspended again. But after this suspension, Gordon disappeared from the league. He went to a two week rehab facility at one point in 2015, but it never changed him. In 2016, he went to a 35-day rehab facility that seemed to turn his life around completely. After the 35 days, Gordon moved to Gainsville to get in “the best shape of his life” ( His trainer, Tim Montgomery said to GQ magazine that, “Gordon could be an olympic champion in the 400 if he trained for it.”

Photo: Sporting News. Josh Gordon playing his first game since 2014.

When 2017 came around, news started to go around about a possible comeback for the receiver. He had to get reinstated into the NFL once again. Luckily, Roger Goodell was able to reinstate Gordon back into the league, and make his dreamof one day being the best receiver of all time come true. The Cleveland Browns received the news about his reinstatement, and they quickly brought him back to the team. The Browns are in desperate need of a playmaking receiver like Gordon, because they have not won a single game this season. Hopefully we can see a huge turnaround with Josh Gordon, because his story really is one of the most fascinating stories in all of sports.    


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A True Comeback Story