Black Friday Survival Guide

Jose Ocelotl, Cartoonist, Staff Writer

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As Black Friday slowly approaches us, it is time to start preparing for calm before the storm event. So get out your notes, army helmet, and boots cause I’m here to give you a  couple of tips for surviving Black Friday shopping, as well tips to survive working on Black Friday!

  1. Always make sure you plan ahead for what you want to buy, such as looking up deals from leaked Black Friday ads.
  2. Have your bank account all set up for purchasing without getting the embarrassing card declines.
  3. If you are waiting outside for Black Friday launch, be sure to bring a blanket, warming pads, or anything that helps you stay warm. Without carrying them, you’ll be prone to getting really sick the next day.
  4. Missed Black Friday or unable to participate? Fear not; Cyber Monday is here!  You can continue to shop for great deals on websites like Amazon, eBay, and much more via the internet.
  5. Bring a friend to relieve some carrying duties as well helping each other out to shop the items before they are sold out (
TVs are among the top doorbusters as guests shop Target’s Black Friday deals

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To the people working on Black Friday, don’t feel left out. Here are some tips for working on Black Friday.

  1. Take a good rest before your Black Friday shift begins, since it will be a long day full of crazy customers and situations.
  2. Be sure to request a management review of Black Friday so everyone including yourself will be on the same page so the hectic day can be smooth (
  3. If you experience trouble, make sure you call for help immediately if you encounter a customer who seems to be unruly. (
  4. Stay hydrated and take deep breaths. (
  5. Take care of your feet and make sure you wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be moving or standing for a long time (

Hopefully this will be a great guide for everyone on Black Friday. Whether you are working or just shopping for the best deals, I wish everyone to stay safe and good luck finding what you are looking for.

Happy Holidays!

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