Texas Church Shooting

Man Who Escaped Mental Facility Kills 26

James Haberstich, Head Editor

On November 5, 2017, a man named Devin Patrick Kelley went into a Texan Baptist church, and killed at least 26 members of the congregation. He was seen wearing a ballistic vest and holding an automatic rifle during the attack. Kelley died shortly after the gruesome attack, of which the cause was most likely a personal domestic dispute (Nytimes.com).

Devin Patrick Kelley, the man who killed 26 people in a Texan Baptist Church on Sunday. Photo credit to www.usatoday.com.

The attack started just after the 11 a.m. service began, and within minutes, many victims of varying ages (5 to 72) had been either killed or wounded. The first call to police came in around 11:20 a.m., and after the shooting, Kelley fled the church. As Kelley fled the scene, an armed neighbor exchanged gunfire with him, and Kelley was shot. After the exchange of gunfire, Kelley fled the scene in his vehicle, crashed it, and was found dead by police (Nytimes.com).

As previously stated, the reason for the attack was most likely a domestic dispute. Kelley had shown anger towards one of his mother-in laws, and it is believed he may have thought she would be at the church service he attacked. In addition, after looking into Kelley’s past, there are some that believe mental illness was also to blame. According to a police report from 2012, Kelley had escaped a mental facility. He had been placed in the facility after sneaking guns onto an Air Force base, and threatening his commanders onboard. A police report previous to the one depicting the incident on the Air Force base, Kelley had been accused of beating his ex-wife and her child (Cnn.com).

A candlelight vigil in Texas after the horrific tragedy. Photo credit to www.texastribune.org.

This incident has been called the deadliest shooting in modern Texas history, and there has been news that it could have been prevented as well. According the Air Force, when Kelley assaulted his ex-wife’s child, he cracked its skull. The Air Force stated that this domestic dispute would have caused him to be entered into a federal database that could have prevented Kelley from buying three weapons in addition the one used in the attack on Sunday. The Air Force has said that it is looking into Kelley’s case, and trying to figure out exactly how it was handled (Nytimes.com).

At this time, prayers and ceremonies are taking place all over Texas, and many are grieving after this tragedy. We offer our condolences to all of the victims of this horrific event.