Details on the NYC Terror Attack

Tragedy Leaves 8 Dead and 11 Wounded

James Haberstich, Head Editor

On Tuesday, October 31, there was a terror attack in Manhattan, New York. The tragedy involved a pickup truck driving down a bike trail, killing eight people, and injuring another eleven in the process. The terrorist was then shot by police, and left in critical condition as a result, The truck used in the terror attack was a rental, and after crashing the truck, the terrorist, later identified as Sayfullo Saipov, waved a paintball gun around saying “Allahu akbar”, an Arabic phrase meaning ”God is great” ( Saipov stated, according to the complaint, that he rented a second truck prior to the attack in order to practice making turns (

Sayfullo Saipov, the suspect of the terror attack in New York. Photo credit to

Saipov is now facing terror charges from the federal government, and is in custody.The charges included proving material support to ISIS, as well as destruction of motor vehicles. He stated that he had watched many videos from ISIS, which inspired his terror attack. Upon search, several photos and videos were gathered from two cellphones containing propaganda from ISIS. Saipov also stated that he chose Halloween as the date to attack in order to kill as many people as possible, as he thought more people would be on the streets (

The vehicle used in the terror attack. Photo credit to

Regarding the victims, five of the eight that were killed were Argentine tourists who had traveled to New York for a reunion, and another was a Belgian tourist. Another of the Argentine tourists was wounded, as well as three more tourists from Belgium. In addition to those injured by the truck, two more students who were on the bus it crashed into were injured as well (

This attack caused a great amount of fear in the surrounding area. Many children were panicked as a result, as the attack happened shortly after school was let out for the day ( New York did not back down in response to this attack, however. Mayor Bill de Blasio had this to say about the attack: “We have the biggest counterterrorism force of any police force in the nation. It’s out in very strong numbers so people can see it. It’s a deterrent force.” Despite the tragedy, New York continued with its annual Halloween parade that night. After asking civilians about their feelings regarding the incident, Mayor de Blasio stated,”I talked to a lot of them. I asked them how they were feeling, and people said we’re not going to give in. We’re not going to change because of terrorists who are trying to change our way of life. I was inspired by it” (

New details of this attack are coming out as more time passes, and we offer our condolences to the victims’ families during this time.