Being in the Kishwaukee Honors Program: A Perspective

Extra Work Comes With Extra Rewards

James Haberstich, Head Editor

If there is one thing that I came to Kishwaukee College for, it was to pursue my education and to reinforce my academic success. I wanted a challenge, and I wanted to improve myself. I did not just want to learn basic concepts like I had in high school; I wanted to delve further into the topics I was studying. This is exactly why I have enjoyed my experience in Kishwaukee College’s Honors Program.

Sure, being in the program and taking honors-level courses means extra work, but it is more than just extra assignments being thrown at you. This work is designed to make you think, to truly test your capabilities as a scholar. The work is rewarding, and lets you go farther into things you are interested in during class. Research outside of class is a common assignment in honors classes, but the work is not as limiting as regular coursework. For these assignments, you have to choose something relating to the curriculum that you are interested in, and learn about it in great detail. This really makes the regular information from class easier to apply, and as a result, lets you comprehend more of it.

Another thing I have really enjoyed about the program is the fact that it not only lets you research more about subjects in class, but it lets you experience them firsthand. Some of the honors assignments have made me explore things outside of the classroom, some of which I would never have found otherwise. In fact, just this week, I attended a live speaker on campus for my Oral Communications class. If I was not taking the Honors segment of the class, I would never have heard any of the information discussed at the event, and would have lost an opportunity.

The program has its challenges, however. When taking honors courses, if you are a full-time student like I am, the extra work can get in the way. The important thing is to manage your time effectively. If you do this, you will not be as stressed, and you will enjoy the true purpose of the assignments.

This is just a brief summary of my time in the program, although there is a lot more that I could say about this program and its benefits. Kishwaukee College’s Honors Program is a great resource if you are passionate about learning, or are just really interested in things your class offers. If you want to expand your mind a bit further, this program is a good step, and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of applying.