Wildfires Devastate California

Natural Disaster Continues to Sweep Along the El Dorado State

James Haberstich, Head Editor

California has been dealing with fires beginning in the summer, but recently there have been several new fires that have been far more devastating. The fires first started on Sunday, October 8, and since then, the damage they have caused has been astounding. After the fires had been lit, they were pushed out by gusts of wind on Wednesday. Having dry conditions and no rain in the forecast did not help, and the fires only got worse (Cnn.com).

Fires in Napa Valley continue to ravage the state. Photo credit to www.newsweek,com

The fires have destroyed at least 180 square miles of the wine country in California, as well as several wineries (Weather.com). Over 2,000 homes have been burned down, and more than 25,000 people have been evacuated from their homes (Weather.com). Overall, the disaster has burned almost 170,000 acres of land across the state of California, and almost 8,000 firefighters are actively trying to stop the disaster from continuing to wreak havoc (Cnn.com).

The wildfires have caused entire communities to burn. Photo credit to www.nytimes.com.

Property damage is not the only tragedy that these fires have caused, however. More than 20,000 people have had to evacuate the affected areas, and in Sonoma County alone, 600 people have been reported missing. In addition to missing people, at least 21 individuals have been killed by the fire. The Tubbs fire alone, one of the many blazes active in California, has killed 11 of the 21 deceased. Many people are distraught from these tragedies as they wait for the disaster to end, and the rebuilding to begin (Cnn.com).

As far as disaster relief, President Trump has approved a disaster relief declaration for the state of California (Weather.com). Several organizations are helping in the relief efforts, including the Red Cross and Airbnb (Cnn.com). If anyone is interested in helping the state of California in these tough times, the Red Cross, as well as other organizations, are searching for monetary donations (Cnn.com). Organizations are also actively looking for people to foster animals, as several have been displaced during the disaster (Huffingtonpost.com). Any help is welcome, and hopefully with enough aid, California can begin to rebuild and move forward from this natural disaster.