Attention All Rick and Morty Fans! The Sauce Is Back!

McDonald’s Brings Back the Famed Szechuan Sauce For One Day Only

James Haberstich, Head Editor

If you have ever seen the show Rick and Morty, then you have definitely heard of the Szechuan sauce released by McDonald’s in 1998 ( This sauce was first introduced to promote the animated film Mulan. Rick and Morty mentioned the sauce in a couple of episodes, and ever since, fans have been desperately trying to get their hands on some ( The craze got even bigger when McDonald’s reached out to the fans of Rick and Morty, and sent a jar of the sauce to three lucky individuals, one of whom sold the jar to Deadmau5, the esteemed DJ (

A picture of the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. Photo credit to

Unfortunately, the sauce had been discontinued, that is, until recently. McDonald’s announced that on October 7, 2017, the Szechuan sauce will be reintroduced to select restaurants for that day only ( Fans have been going crazy ever since the announcement, and are excited to finally be reunited with this original sauce recipe.

An image from one episode of Rick and Morty featuring the Szechuan sauce. Photo credit to

In order to get the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, go to, to see which restaurants who have it are close by. The closest locations near campus include Rockford and Chicago ( McDonald’s is not only giving away the sauce at these select locations; they are also giving away a promotional poster with special artwork (

This promotion is a very rare thing for McDonald’s to do, so it’s something that everyone who is a fan of Rick and Morty should check out if they have the chance! Maybe someday McDonald’s will bring back the sauce for good, but until then, enjoy it while it’s available!