A Kaleidoscope Retrospective

Interview with a K-Scope Alumni

James Haberstich, Editor

Matthew Johnson was an editor for the Kaleidoscope Online Newspaper, throughout 1993 until 1995. These are his responses to questions we asked to see how much the newspaper has changed over the years:


Q:What were some popular articles, when you were part of the Kaleidoscope?


A: Matthew told us that during his time in the K-Scope, the men’s basketball team was performing quite well on the court. He stated that in some instances, the Cougars were even scoring up to 130 points a game! He also mentioned that there was a scandal that involved the team, but did not mention exact details. Another article, was about a bug spray in the school bathrooms that proved to be toxic.


Q:How has your writing career progressed since your time at the K-Scope Online Newspaper?


A: Matthew said that he was involved with the Western Courier and has also been involved in weekly writings all around Illinois. Has also contributed in non-profit publishing projects. Matthew works as a pastor and told me that he constantly writes due to his profession.


Q: How did you enjoy K-Scope?


A: Matthew told me that the Kaleidoscope was a fun experience for him. He said both of the administrators he worked with, Ging Smith and Tom Winski, were very nice and were great at their job. He said that the opportunity of journalism at Kishwaukee had a lot to offer, and his staff of colleagues were great and fun to work alongside. He also mentioned that the Kaleidoscope was greatly involved with the SGA (Student Government Association), Student Activities, and he thought that was a good thing.


Q: What advice would you give to members of the Kaleidoscope now?


A: Matthew told me that the skill of knowing what a good story was, as well as being able to gather information, is very important in life. He said that sharing a good story connects all of us and helps us share experiences with one another. He also said journalists are “good harbingers for truth,” and that “the role of the media is to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable.” He said that the college setting is the perfect place to learn these skills, and colleges want students to learn these skills as well. He told the members of the Kaleidoscope that they have power, and should advocate  for those who do not have a voice or reach.