Hurricane Maria Aftermath

Jake Roushia, Editor-in-Chief

Hurricanes have been devastating many places in North America and South America. We have covered Hurricanes Harvey, Jose, Irma, and Katia. The most recent hurricane that happened was Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria was a Category 5 hurricane when it hit Dominica ( The still strong Category 4 hurricane, Maria, hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands on September 20th ( Maria broke records by being “tied for the eighth strongest storm in Atlantic history” (

Here is an example of the devastation in Puerto Rico. Photo credit to

The stories of devastation from citizens in Puerto Rico are heartbreaking. One journalist, Julio Ricardo Varela, reported “tweeted a message from a friend on Puerto Rico which compared the damage to an “atomic blast”” (

Fox News reported that “Felix Delgado, mayor of the northern coastal town of Catano, said 80 percent of the 454 homes in his neighborhood were destroyed.” It has also been said that 11,000 people are currently in shelters.

The power and cellular service hasn’t been available for many people. On Wednesday, September 20th, it was reported that “95 percent of the island’s wireless cell sites are out of service” in Puerto Rico. Many others have been without power in the recent days (

President Trump will be visiting Puerto Rico and will address the devastation in this United States territory ( Everybody who has the opportunity should help the victims in any way they can. We give our condolences and best wishes to everybody impacted by the recent hurricanes.