North Korea Threatens Hawaii

Michael Kennedy, Copy Editor

Hawaii is in the range of a missile (Hwasong-14) from North Korea. Hawaiian officials have had the people of Hawaii prepare for any nuclear attacks. The officials stated, they should prepare by treating this attack “the same way they’d prepare for a tsunami” ( The officials also stated, they were not trying to panic the people, but trying to warn them ahead of time.

Kim Jong Un wants to test a “hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean” and has vowed to take the “highest level” of action he can towards South Korea and the U.S. (

Kim Jong Un was outraged by Trump saying he will destroy North Korea. Jong Un stated, “that Trump would pay dearly for his threat” towards North Korea (

Published in a North Korean propaganda is the response of Kim’s to Trump’s outburst. South Korean officials are calling it the “first such direct address to the world by Kim” (

According to Kim Dong-Yub, a South Korean analysts, “North Korea would respond to Trump with the most aggressive missile they have A Hwasong-14 missile has a “range of around 4,349 miles, to that can reach Alaska and Hawaii” (