Heroin and Its Effects

Heroin and The Nasty Things That Can Happen With It

Amanda Nuckles, Staff Writer

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You know when something dramatic happens in your life and you don’t know what to do? This recently happened to me.

Honestly, I thought that nothing like this could ever happen to me or my peers I grew up with.
Someone very close to me has had a very tragic life ending experience. He has left behind so much more than just family, he left behind friends, old teachers, and memories that no one will ever forget.

Heroin is a killer that has claimed many many lives, no one can know for sure why this drug is so imperative; it is highly addictive.

Heroin is a big problem in the United States, it affects ages 18 through 29 and even the  older generation, but it’s more common in the 20’s.

Statistics show heroin is more likely to be used along with other drugs

My dear friend Casey Martin, struggled with certain addictions, even though he was trying to turn his life around; unfortunately it was too late for him to be saved. After a few years of prolonged drug use, he had a stroke that caused complications. He stopped breathing in his sleep and no one could help him, until it was too late. He was incapable of breathing on his own and had to use life support to stay alive. His family had to make a very hard and emotional decision for Casey’s life. Due to his condition he was taken off life support.


As unfortunate as this situation is this is what could happen after prolonged drug use. Casey was a great person and brought a lot of smiles to the world. I will always remember September 10th 2017.

The Kscope Online Newspaper gives their condolences to Casey’s friends and family. The family has set up a Go Fund me: https://www.gofundme.com/doug-casey-martin-memorial

Everybody could learn from what Casey and his family went through. His family encourages others to be knowledgeable and safe.


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