A Look Into the Pokken Tournament DX Demo

Nintendo Brings Back a Revamped Title from the Wii U to the Nintendo Switch

James Haberstich, Editor

When Pokken Tournament was released for the Wii U console, many fans were excited to see the new spin that Nintendo had put on the classic Pokemon series. The game had new mechanics, fun new interactions with their favorite Pokemon characters, and a competitive environment for players who enjoy both Pokemon and fighting games. On Friday, September 22, 2017, Nintendo is bringing back the experience of Pokken Tournament exclusively onto the Nintendo Switch with Pokken Tournament DX (Nintendo.com). Now, you may be asking yourself, “Well, why is there an article about this game when it has not even come out yet?” It is because Nintendo released a demo of the game on August 23rd for free on the Nintendo eShop (Gamespot.com)!

Gameplay of Pokken Tournament DX. Photo credit to dotesports.com

The demo, allows you to play 15 matches inside the game, which lets you get a real feel for what the game is about. There are only a few characters you can play as in the demo: Charizard, Pikachu, and Empoleon. This may not seem like a lot to play around with, but the different matchups between the three characters offer a lot of versatility and flexibility for a demo. The support Pokemon

The full support Pokemon roster. Photo credit to siliconera.com.

system is still intact from the original Pokken Tournament, and the demo offers two pairs of supports to choose from: Snivy and Lapras or Cresselia and Reshiram.

The demo allows for either one player to play against a computer player, or if you have a friend nearby, you can each pick up a controller and play a local match. Both experiences are very fun, and the computer player really offers a challenge to someone who has never played Pokken Tournament before. I played through the demo using both modes, and I found that playing with a friend is a bit more fun than playing against the computer. There is just something about playing competitively against friends that makes a gaming experience that much more fun.

Overall, the Pokken Tournament DX demo is a fun way of seeing if the game is right for you. The game shows a lot of potential, and I am personally quite excited to see how the full version of the game plays out. If you are a fan of Pokemon, are either interested in fighting games, or enjoy them, be sure to keep an eye out on Pokken Tournament DX when it releases!