Hurricane Breaking News

A Timeline of the Recent Hurricanes

Jake Roushia, Editor-in-Chief

We touched on the impending Hurricane Irma and the destruction of Hurricane Harvey last week. So much has happened in just a matter of days. This article will be frequently updated with future news and events.

Two new hurricanes have come into play, Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia. Hurricane Jose is scheduled to be on the path of the islands of “Antigua, Barbuda, Aguilla, St. Martin and St. Barthelemy,” which were also hit by Hurricane Irma prior. Hurricane Katia hit Mexico September 8th at 11pm (

Events in Order: (will be updated frequently)

Hurricane Irma:

  • (8/30/17) It was considered a Category 3 Hurricane (
  • (9/3/17) The hurricane was brought up to a Category 4 Hurricane (
  • (9/8/17) Hurricane Irma “made landfall in Cuba on Friday as a Category 5 storm” (
  • (9/8/17) Hurricane Irma “is 350 miles away from southern Florida” (
  • (9/12/17) Hurricane Irma was recorded as “the longest-lasting powerful hurricane or typhoon ever recorded, worldwide” (
  • (9/12/17) Irma left 16 million people without power (

Hurricane Jose:

  • (9/6/17) Jose was categorized as a level 3 Hurricane (
  • (9/8/17) Jose strengthened to a Category 4 Hurricane (
  • (9/12/17) The hurricane was weakened to a Category 1 Hurricane (
  • (9/12/17) Jose is “about 435 miles north-northeast of Grand Turk Island” (

Hurricane Katia:

  • (9/8/17) It touched down in Mexico near the “resort of Tecolutla in the state of Veracruz on the Mexican Gulf coast” as a Category 1 Hurricane (
  • (9/9/17) Katia claimed the lives of two people in Mexico (
  • (9/9/17) Hurricane Katia “deteriorated into a soggy tropical depression that is dumping rain over the mountains of east-central Mexico” (