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Ghost in the Shell Review

The laws of Robotics font matter anymore

Nathan Holda, Stadd Writer

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We are in the day and age where movies are getting remakes and are getting mixed reviews on if they are better or if they ruined the original. Ghost in the Shell is one of these remakes, originally made in 1995, Ghost in the Shell just got a facelift in 2017, but was it better?

Ghost in the Shell is about a half robot half human hybrid named Major (Scarlett Johansson). Every part of her body besides her brain survived a boat crash or so she is told by the woman who built her Dr. Ouelet (Juliette Binche), and was funded by a man named Cutter (Peter Ferdiando), who owns a company.

After one year of training Major becomes part of a team of army vets in Japan to stop terrorist attacks only to find out someone is hacking into cyborgs and killing members who helped in project 257 which occurred before the events of the film. The man who is killing all these people is a cyborg who goes by the name of Kuze (Michael Pitt) who also tries to kidnap Major to use her for an evil plot.

This movie isn’t good, but it isn’t bad either. There were parts I enjoyed but other than those parts I felt sad most of the movie and confused because I was lost on the plot halfway into the movie itself, and I wasn’t the only one.

“It was bad” said Zippora, a Dekalb High school student “and it left me confused and asking questions on what was happening” “Sounds like a spoof” Said Tyler Hill, a computer science major.

The scores for this movie were very mixed. IMDb gave it 6.8/10, Rotten Tomatoes gave it 45% and Google users gave it 70%. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. This movie is like a fine wine. Only some people like it and others hate it. I would give it a shot if you ever want something to watch. I didn’t enjoy it very much but you might.

Until Next time, this Nathan signing out.

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Ghost in the Shell Review