Syrian Photographer Picks Children Over Pictures

Syrian photographer Abd Alkader Habak rushes to aid of child after bombing.

Abigail Carlson, Public Relations Manager

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The objective of a photographer is a simple one; find the subject, point, and shoot. Simple right? More often than not, a photographer’s job is to stay behind the camera no matter the circumstances to get the job done. However, every now and then they break the wall between subject and photographer and intervene into the world of the subject, just like Abd Alkader Habak did last Sunday.

On April 16th, 2017 activist and photographer Abd Alkader Habak and colleagues went against the norms of a photographer and stepped in to help the injured citizens of Syria who were attempting to evacuate their village when a bomb struck a convoy of buses, killing 126 people.

Remnants of one of the buses destroyed in the most recent bombing in Syria.

Initially, Habka had been knocked out from the explosion. However, when he came to, he made the conscious and heroic decision to put down the camera and began attempting to rescue injured people and bring them to safety.

In a brief interview with CNN, Habak relays details of the day saying, “The scene was horrible—especially seeing children wailing and dying in front of you.”

During Habaks’ and his colleagues’ attempts to rescue as many injured people as possible, they came across several dead children, before finally coming across a young boy barely hanging on to his life. In the pursuit to try and save the young boys’ life, Habak picked him and began to run towards safety.

After Habak returned the young boy to safety, he ran back to the scene to help others. In the process, he came across several more dead bodies of children that would later end up accounting for 68 of the total 126 deaths recorded last Sunday. Overwhelmed by what he had come across, Habek collapsed and broke down in tears.


Mortified by the aftermath of the bombing, Abd Habek breaks down.

During the chaos of it all another photographer, Muhamma Alrageb, began to capture pictures of the aftermath of the explosion. Muhamma was able to capture Habak with a child in his arms running towards safety and anyone who could help at the time.