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Predators prey on Hawks

Blackhawks lose game 2, 5-0

Ben Holda, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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It’ was a rough night to be a Blackhawks fan on Saturday. The Nashville Predators came into Chicago and took two wins, putting the Blackhawks into a hole that they must now dig themselves out of.

The night started off with hopeful anticipation, after all, nobody wins a series after just one game. The anticipation soon turned to dread when Nashville defenseman Ryan Ellis scored just 3 minutes and 44 into the clash.

It would take an entire period’s worth of back and forth to see the next goal, coming from left wing Harry Zolnierczyk, making the score line 2-0. Then the floodgates opened, with one more goal in the 2nd period, and two more in the 3rd period to make a final score of 5-0.

As per usual Pekka Rinne still might not be human, he came into Chicago and across two games stopped 59 shots, kept two clean sheets, and two assists.

Now the fun part comes into play, the Blackhawks are down by two, in a best of seven (win four to move on), and now we’re playing in Nashville. If the Hawks want any chance of moving on they’re gonna need to get into the habit of scoring some goals and quickly. A goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed) of negative six will not win a championship any time soon.

Though you can’t entirely blame those goals on goaltender Corey Crawford, having faced a combined 49 shots across the two games.

The Blackhawks will look to force a game 5 tonight in Nashville at 8:30pm CT. Though it’s not technically a win or go home situation, this is a win or go home situation for the Blackhawks. You can’t reliably count on teams choking massive leads like Golden State, Cleveland, or Atlanta.

If they wanna win the game they’re going to have to fight for it. Win face offs, take quality shots, and get the puck in the net. Pekka Rinne is human; they just need to find his flaws.

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Predators prey on Hawks