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An Ode To Kishwaukee College

Abi Carlson, Public Relations Manager

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It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it needs to be acknowledged. In my two years at Kishwaukee, I have experienced an array of different teachers and their teaching styles and out of all them two particular instructors stuck out for various reasons. That’s not to say that the other instructors are inadequate in any way, but these two teachers went above and beyond in the classroom so much that I attribute their classes to my own personal growth and success out in the real world.

I met Carl Fuerst my first year at Kishwaukee after a long and stressful summer. Quite frankly, school was the last place I wanted to be, especially at Kish. I thought to myself every time I stepped out of my car and into the main building  “there is nothing for me at this school, so why am I here?” It wasn’t until I took Carl’s English 104 class that my outlook of Kishwaukee completely changed and I found myself practically running to class every Tuesday and Thursday. Never had I encountered a teacher with so much enthusiasm and belief in his students that is was infectious. Carl’s teaching style is unique and infectious; nothing is taboo in the classroom and the way he makes you feel (that your words matter no matter the context) is something that can’t be taught. It’s a shame that the course is only a semester long because I would have no problem spending the year with a teacher who somehow, out of the sea of students he teaches, manages to make you feel like your opinion matters and most importantly, that you matter.

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Nadine Franklin. A lot can be said about Nadine Franklin, the Director of Theatre at Kishwaukee, but all I have to say is she’s brilliant. I found that it is rare for any teaching institution to employ a teacher who puts so much effort into her students that they become her own. Nadine’s teaching style may be off the books, but it is one that I have found I cherish more than I can put into words. Nadine is known for being rather hard on her students and expecting quite a bit out of them, but her expectations come from the heart. In my short time with Nadine, she has made the effort to know every single one of her students on a personal basis, so she can help them grow in and out of the classroom. I can say from my own personal experience that her class has done just that for me.

As my time at Kishwaukee is coming to a close, I will take away a lot from this institution, but by far the most important lesson I have learned is just how much a teacher can change a life of a student. Any student could learn a lot from both these instructors and I strongly suggest taking at least one if not both of these courses for anyone looking to attend or currently attending Kishwaukee.

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  1. Lynn Schmitz on April 17th, 2017 9:56 am

    My daughter was a Kish student several years ago. She expressed almost exactly what this article expresses about Nadine Franklin. “Mom, her class is the reason that I drove all the way out there today.” “She actually does something when irresponsible students let their annoying cell phones ring during class.” “She’s my mentor.” “Nadine really said it like it is today. I love her class.” My daughter said these things all the time. She arranged her class schedule to be in Nadine’s Speech class. Thanks so much Nadine! You have helped me to help my daughter become the successful person she is. My words to Kish College, “Clone that woman!”


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