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Syria Chemical Attacks

Michael Kennedy, Staff Writer

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On April 4th, 2017, Syrian military carried out a bombing of an insurgent storehouse containing toxic material to be used for chemical weapons. Some witnesses, said that the attacks started to begin at 7 a.m. After the first wave of attacks, a few hours later, another airstrike hit several clinics treating the victims of the first wave of attacks. The victims were sent to this clinic, because all of the larger hospitals have been filled. The other hospitals were filled up, because of the other airstrikes that has happened days before this attack.

Tuesday night, Britain, France, and the US were pushing for the Security Council to condemn the attack and order of the Syrian government. The draft of this push was created by the three countries. They showed the 15 member board on Tuesday and it could be voted on as early as Wednesday.

Russia has insisted that it had no military role in the strike that happened on April 4th. A State Department official said that Russian officials were trying to evade their responsibility, because Russia and Iran were guarantors of the Assad government.

This attack was different than chlorine gas attacks. Most people who die in the chlorine attacks are usually trapped in an enclosed space. This time, the attack had people collapsing outdoors in large numbers. Some of the symptoms of this chemical were that the victims would get pinpoint pupils. The pinpoint pupils resembled a victim of a nerve agent or other banned poisons. Some people got sick by coming into contact with the victims.

A 14-year old was walking to her doctor’s appointment, when she saw an aircraft drop a bomb on a one-story building. After the bomb hit, she stated that a yellow mushroom came from the building. After a few seconds, her eyes began to sting.

The US responds with 59 tomahawk missiles that were launched, before dawn from warships in the east Mediterranean Sea. Donald Trump ordered these attacks on Thursday Afternoon. The attacks were mainly focused on a Syrian military base.

The Pentagon alerted Russian military to minimize the risk of conflict. Russian authorities disputed the claim of a US spokesman that the missiles damaged or destroyed Syrian aircraft.

Andrew Bland, an Art major, responded by saying “I think that people are making to big of a deal about it.”

Another Kish student who would prefer to stay anonymous said, “There are positives and negatives on the bombing. It is a show of force to Korea and other countries like that. I am indifferent about this situation, I am for and against it.”



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Syria Chemical Attacks