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5 Classes You Should Check Out This Fall

Sometimes picking a class is hard or is it?

Nathan Holda, Staff Writer

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With the Spring semester coming to an end, some students will be coming back in the Fall but then realizing that they don’t have enough credits to pass the semester. No need to fear the K-scope is here to help you get those credits while enjoying your classes. Today we will be talking about 5 classes you should take in the Fall semester.

  1. College Experience (2 credit class)

The College Experience is a half semester class that teaches you what it’s like to be in college as a first timer. Now some may say that this is a first-semester class and I would agree, but I have talked to students who took this class after 2 semesters here at Kishwaukee and still loved the class. With it being a half semester class that means after 10 weeks, which is when a lot of people get sick of their classes, it’s over. The class is  also  a GPA booster which is a big plus!

  1. Employment Strategies (2 credit class)

This class is in the title. It teaches you how to prepare for a career and how to achieve your dream job. A fellow student explained why people should take the class “Because it will help you,” Brenda Sue Butz told us. Brenda continued to say, it will “ prepare you for an interview you might get.” This class is a half semester class as well, and it can be taken online if you don’t want to sit in a classroom. Another reason to take the class is  it will help you get ready for a job, so you can get money to do fun things.


  1. Mass coms in Multi Media (3 credit class)

This class instructs on all different kinds of multimedia such as TV, Radio, music, and etc. The instructor, Susan Carlson had this to say. “It’s a great class if you are interested in any area of the Mass Coms field.” She went on to talk about the final, “the end of the semester project is up to the student. They must pick any topic that was presented in the class to create a type of multimedia as their project. An example would be if the student is interested in film they can make a script or film a skit or make a storyboard for a film and present it.” This class is great and will open your eyes on types of multimedia you may not know.

  1. Film appreciation (3 Credit class)

This class is all about film, how it started and evolved to what it is today, and talks about the different types of film. This class does take place once a week at night, which means if done right you can have one extra day off from school and it is not so homework intensive. When you have homework it’s about film and finding small details in it. This is presented as a Humanities class so you will have some in class writing, but nothing to bad and you will get to watch films in class then talk about them.


  1. Public Publications (1 credit class)

I put the K-scope on this list, because it’s a great class and a great way to meet people on campus. It is enjoyable to write what you feel is news and students can even talk to others on their thoughts on what’s going on in the world.  not very homework intensive, plus you don’t meet in a classroom the k-scope has its own office right by the learning skills center. Sadly, it’s a 1 credit class and it’s a full semester class but it’s still a great class to join and you will enjoy it for what it offers.
Well there are 5 classes you should check out for the Spring semester. Hopefully after reading this you have a good idea of what you might want to take. Until next time this is Nathan signing out.

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5 Classes You Should Check Out This Fall