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Footy McFooty Face for MLS

Fan poll names new San Diego based team.

Ben Holda, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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Major League Soccer is home to 22 teams at the start of the 2017 season, with plans to expand to 28 by the end of the 2020’s. 12 teams in total have placed a bid, in cities ranging from Indianapolis to Sacramento, St. Louis to St. Pete (Tampa Bay), and many more across the U.S. and Canada.

One of the Cities posing for a shiny new soccer team is San Diego, California. There’s just one problem; the team doesn’t have a name yet. Naturally, the club-to-be decided to put up a public online poll, asking fans to come up with ideas for the name, then vote on their favorite.

Many names were suggested, such as the San Diego Surf, or Athletic Club San Diego (ACSD), but neither of those names are currently winning said poll (which at the time of writing is at round 4 of voting).

The team name currently in the lead belongs to Footy McFooty Face. Yes that’s right, Footy McFooty Face.

Nobody really knows where the name idea came from, but we do know where the inspiration was from.

In 2016, there was a naming contest for a boat that was held on the internet, and Boaty McBoat Face was the winner. Though the ship name was eventually relegated to a Tiny Yellow Submarine, the internet came out in full force to debut this ship name.

The popularity of Footy McFooty Face can be given credit to a community on Facebook called MLS Trash Talk. A group of supporters from virtually every team in MLS, all giving every other team in the league a hard time.

Naturally, the members of the Facebook group witnessed the opportunity to troll and took it in a heartbeat. Skyrocketing the would be name from 3rd, with a couple hundred votes per day, to 1st, with over 6,000 votes per day.

“It’s an interesting concept,” said Jordan Hill, a computer science major, “I don’t see how a professional team [with that name] can be taken seriously.”

Obviously, the “trash talk” group aren’t the only people voting purely for the laugh that it would cause (I myself have thrown a couple votes in just for the fun of it). Though we can rest easy knowing that in a few years time Footy McFooty Face might soon come to play an away game in Chicago.

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Footy McFooty Face for MLS