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Women’s History Month Appreciation

Kishwaukee student's take on women's history month

Abi Carlson, Public Relations Manager

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What comes to mind when one hears the word March? Do you think about March Madness and your bracket or do you think about Women’s History Month and all the women who have come before us and fought the rights we have now? Throughout history, women have played a predominant part in the progression of our society from Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony, all the way to Malala Yousafzai.

Women all over the world from different races and views have broken gender barriers, social norms, and protested so that we could have the rights we do today. In 1987, President Reagan and Congress declared that the entire month of March should be dedicated to celebrating and remembering all the strong women in history. These women bravely fought for what they believed in, whether it was risking their lives to free slaves like Harriet Tubman or fighting for women to have rights to their bodies like Estelle Griswold, we use March as a way to empower women and show them that their voice can never be silenced.

With Women’s History Month coming to an end, I wanted to do something to thank all the women who came before me. I was racking my brain for ideas when it hit me. I decided what better way to show all the women who have fought and continue to fight for women’s right and show their words and actions are still being heard then to go around asking people why they support women, aspire to be one, or simply what they think being a woman is. For this particular project, I wanted the participants to know that there is no right or wrong answer because no woman or belief is the same, but the respect we have each other should be.

I started off by printing out three different outlines for people to choose from ranging from “I support women because…”, all the way to “I’m proud to be a woman because.” I went around Kish asking both men and women to participate because appreciation and respect from both genders is crucial to the continued progression of women’s rights. I also didn’t stray away from age either. In order for one to fully understand a topic with so much depth as the history of women, it’s important to gain an understanding from every generation.

Stephanie Henricks a library assistant at Kish, defines what being a woman is.

Stephanie Henricks, a library assistant at Kish, wrote that she believes “Being a woman is priceless. You could not afford to pay for all the work a woman does (chef, laundry, service, doctor, nurse, child-care, maintenance, chauffeur, personal assistant).” She does all this and most likely works a full-time or part-time job.

Jacob Nicholson, a second year student at Kishwaukee stated that he “Supports women because they give life to Earth. They are the voice of change. They are empowering. They believe in equality.”

Although a month isn’t enough time to fully acknowledge

Jacob Nicholson, a second year at Kishwaukee shares why he supports women

and absorb all the milestones women have made throughout the decades, it is enough time to think about all that we have now and where we would be if all the women before us didn’t fight to have their voice heard. We use March as a month of reflection and appreciation.

Reflection on all the women throughout history who have so bravely risked their lives and safety, to ensure that we have the same rights as our opposite sex or so we get a say in what we want to do with our bodies. Appreciation for the women who fought and continue to fight for all the social injustices that take place throughout the world, so we can build a stronger more equal future for women everywhere. It’s important that with Women’s History Month we understand the importance of women and not sideline their contributions to society as a whole. 

Ava Johnson, a first year at Kishwaukee describes what she feels being a woman is

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Women’s History Month Appreciation