Magic: The Gathering (Review)

One of the Biggest games since sliced bread.

Nathan Holda, Staff Writer

Card games are the biggest thing right now since sliced bread and almost anyone has a favorite card game. There is one card game that almost everyone knows, and it’s called Magic The Gathering, A card game of magic, battles, and frogs.

“It is a social experience and fun to meet new people while playing it,” said Kishwaukee College Student James Heberstich.

Kish students playing Magic in the game room (Photo by Nathan Holda).

In Magic: The Gathering, you play as a wizard who controls a realm. The Realms are then represented by colors: Red for Mountains, Blue for Islands, Green for forests, Black for Swamps, and White for Plains. And each color has its own style of playing. You can play more than one color and even mix and match, but you must have enough “Mana” to play a card. Mana is represented by lands, and each card has a Mana cost, so to play a card you must pay the Mana cost.

Kish students play the card game Magic in the game room (Photo by Nathan Holda).

There are different ways to play Magic. There is Basic, Commander, and Casual. Commander is the most played, and the rules are slightly altered, but I will get into that in a bit. The basic and casual styles are similar, but basic is more intense. The basics of Magic is you have a 60-card deck of one or more colors and some cards can do other things. The player starts with 7 cards and your goal is to get your opponent down to 0 HP from 20 but the card they have can take the damage instead of the other person.

Kish students play Magic in the game room (Photo taken by Nathan Holda).

“It’s a fun game,” said Nathan Fisher, “it’s an intellectual challenge or complete chaos and fun.”

The way to play Commander is a little different. You have a 100-card deck and a Commander card and depending what color/colors your commander is determines the color of cards you can play, and you can only have 1 of each card, besides Mana. Starting with 7 cards and the goal is the same only you have 40 HP instead of 20, and it’s a lot more technical as well. It’s the most played by all magic players and the most fun for everyone.

Magic is a popular game that has been around since the 80’s, and still has more cards created to this day. Some of the original cards and new ones are worth more than others. If you ever want to play, you can go to The Gaming Goat or any place that sells card games. Players have the option to buy  a starter deck, or you can build your own deck. Magic: The Gathering is a must play for people who are new to collectible card games and should give it a try. Until next, time this is Nathan signing out.