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2017 NBA Season: Is it Great or Boring?

Does the Greatness of the Cavs & Warriors Damper this NBA Season?

Brian Heinrich, Staff Writer

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The 2016-2017 NBA season is well passed the halfway mark with the regular season ending in a few short weeks. But the question everyone has been asking is: Is this season even any good?

The 2017 NBA season started just like any other season, but with one important change. We already know who is going to be in the Finals; at least that’s what we think we know. The Cleveland Cavaliers are the defending champions and gave no reason to believe that they wouldn’t be back in the Finals again.

The Cavs lost none of their superstars that made their championship possible, and they have even signed experienced veterans over the course of the season. The Golden State Warriors lost to the Cavs in the Finals last year, but before anyone could question their ability to make it back to the Finals, the Warriors signed former MVP and future Hall of Famer Kevin Durant in the offseason.

After that acquisition, every basketball fan simultaneously agreed that the Cavs and Warriors would meet again in the Finals this year. But what does this mean for the rest of the NBA? The Cavs and Warriors have played as well as everyone expected, leaving fans of teams like Toronto or Utah almost no hope of actually making it to the promised land.

When there are already two teams playing at such an elite level like the Cavs and Warriors are, it almost makes other NBA games pointless to watch considering we can already assume teams like Chicago or the L.A. Clippers have little hope of making the Finals.

Many NBA fans have felt like this throughout the season, as Kish student and NBA fan Justin Harms said “It makes the season less exciting,” when asked about the dominance of the Cavs and Warriors.

The main story that has kept the NBA fans talking is over who should win the NBA MVP. Most fans are split between Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Lebron James. While it is exciting to see Westbrook average a triple-double and James Harden lead the Rockets to the third spot in the West, I can’t consider any of the accomplishments that interesting when both teams likely won’t be seen in the Finals.

Harden and Westbrook have been triple double machines this season. Photo courtesy of

Things could get interesting in the Western Conference playoffs if the Warriors falter with the Spurs or Rockets if Durant doesn’t return to form from his injury, but until then, most NBA fans won’t wake up until the Finals are here.

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2017 NBA Season: Is it Great or Boring?