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Logan (Review)

He is fighting on last time

Nathan Holda, Staff Writers

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Marvel is back with one more X-men movie but it’s not what you expected. Today we will be looking at Logan.

For those who don’t know, Logan is Wolverine from the X-men, and the last time we saw him was in 2016 with X-men: days of Futures past. The movie starts in the year 2029 a whole 12 years after Days of Futures past, and now Logan (Hugh Jackman) is old and runs a limo service. During the day he sleeps and takes care of a dying Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) who is living on drugs to keep him stable. Logan is also living with Caliban (Stephen Merchant) who is a white as glue man who can’t stand in sunlight or he starts to burn (and can also track other mutants). Later on Logan meets a man known as Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) who is looking for a girl named Laura (Dafne Keen), a girl who is a genetically grown Mutant with similar powers to Logan and speaks Spanish. Logan finds Laura and runs off with her to take her to a place known as Eden which doesn’t exist according to Logan so she can cross to border into Canada while running from Pierce and his team.

This movie had its moments but as it progresses you see Logan dying slowly but you are still rooting for him to make it to Eden if it exists and to help Laura cross the border. It’s a good story line and we learn a little bit more of Logan’s story but this movie also took the DeadPool route and was rated R, allowing for more blood and gore. Personally this movie was something else, I don’t really watch many X-men movies, and I didn’t know what to expect from this movie at all but, credit to where credit is due because Sony did a good job with this movie. The movie looks beautiful and casting was done great by getting some of the old cast to reprise their roles.

The ratings for this movie did surprise me over all. IMDb gave it an 8.7, Rotten Tomatoes a 92% and Google users gave it a 95%. Logan has good scores and it deservers those scores for what a great movie it was. I give this movie 5/5.

It was Beautiful and I can’t get over how well it was made not to mention they made a good X-men movie after 8 years of very bad X-man movies. The bar has been raised here with Logan.

Until next time this is Nathan Signing out.

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Logan (Review)