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Now What?

In the Aftermath of the elections, where do we look next?

Ben Holda, Assistant Editor in Chief

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With the election two weeks behind us, and the holiday season just days ahead of us, saying that life is hectic right now would be an understatement. America is posed with an interesting situation. The election gave us Donald Trump, the republican anti-establishment candidate as our President Elect. The people of the United States of America seem to be divided in every way possible, and it doesn’t look like one side is going to see the other side in a nice way anytime soon. All of this begs the question; Now what?

In a time where it seems people are protesting every other week, and seeing injustices committed on a daily basis is normal, what should we, as the American people, do? Do we have a call to arms and overthrow the system like our forefathers did in colonial times? Should we make a statement and wear pins to show our solidarity towards others? Should we curse out the other political party and blame them for all this mess?

The simple answer is no. Only one thing will fix our great country’s problem; and that’s us. No amount of posting on Facebook about guns, pushing pins in a shirt, or blame shifting is going to fix the major problems in America.

To quote Abraham Lincoln; “A house divided cannot stand.” Those words ring just as true today as they did in 1858. To put it frankly, there is one way that we the American people can fix the problems that have been brought to our attention. We can all come together and face our problems together, or we can all fall short and not face our problems at all. It doesn’t matter if you were With Her, wanted to Make America Great Again, or felt The Bern. If none of us learn to work together to help America, then there might not be an America to live in not too long from now.

Some of the simplest ways to make a difference is to pay more attention to what’s happening in D.C. rather than what’s happening in Hollywood, run for a local office, hold your representatives accountable to the promises they made, and most importantly, be open to debate. Listen to what a person with a different opinion is saying, and be mindful of their arguments rather than politely waiting to talk. If we base everything we know from the inside of an echo chamber and refuse to let any different opinions even be considered, then this nation will never see true progress again.

So now what America? Ask yourself; How should we then live? As a nation of cowards and sloths? Or as a nation of people who educate themselves and stand up to the real issues?

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