Fluent in Seven Languages

Four year-old stuns audience with language proficiency

Sandra Morales, Bilingual Editor

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Four-year old Bella Devyatkina from Moscow, Russia is fluent in seven different languages. She participated in a Russian show that showcases incredible talent. On the show, Bella could respond to and speak in seven languages:Russian, English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, French, and German.

Bella’s mother, Yulia, explained that at the age of two, she began Bella with Russian and English. From there, Bella was introduced to other languages by her nannies who spoke from their mother tongues.

Four-year old Bella Devyatkina, from Moscow, Russia.

Photo courtesy by the DailyMail.com
Four-year old Bella Devyatkina, from Moscow, Russia.

Bella became an instant internet sensation when videos of her speaking in so many languages went viral.

Commentators on her YouTube page praised her on her proficiency in speaking their languages correctly and without accent, as well as being highly intelligent for knowing answers to questions most children couldn’t answer.

On the show, Bella had to answer questions from each speaker that spoke in a different language. If she answered the questions correctly, they would then help her to reach a present that would be given at the end. She answered questions, read text on the screen that were in English and French, and even sang a song in Spanish.

Bella answers question from each language.

Photo courtesy by the DailyMail.com
Bella answers questions from each language speaker.

At the very end, Bella was able to find her gift, which was a mermaid tail. Her mother stated that she has been wanting one for a very long time.

Bella’s knack for speaking languages is impressive and shows her intelligence. It’s important to note that children, especially at Bella’s age, can store information that helps them retain languages better than adults. So while Bella can speak seven languages now, she  has a higher chance to learn and speak more in the near future.

To watch her video, click the link below.

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