2016 World Series Lineup

The Bizarre Lineup: Is This A Sign of The Apocalypse or of The Rapture?

Rory Gallagher, Staff Writer

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Eleven years ago, Chicago was in a tizzy about baseball, the White Sox were somehow doing really good, and weirdly enough, they actually made it to the World Series, which they won. It felt great, but ten years passed, and the city settled into cheering on a surprisingly strong hockey team and grousing about the other sports.

Then Back To The Future II nostalgia happened in 2015, and again, a Chicago baseball team started doing really well. The good old Cubs got to the National League finals, in an almost prophetic way to how that same team won the World Series in a science fiction movie’s view of the distant future. Sadly, our destiny was not as strong as the destiny of the Mets, and their destiny was not as strong as the sheer innate power of Kansas City. So it went, and in the usual motto of our city’s sport teams, the response was mostly “wait ‘til next year!”

Then Saturday the 22nd happened, and the Cubs made it into the World Series.

Meanwhile, 2016 was good to Cleveland. Hometown hero Mike “The Miz” Mizanin held his WWE Intercontinental Championship for 188 days. He used the power of his marriage with a very smart Quebecois woman to keep his title reign long. The Cavaliers came back from a 3-0 NBA Finals against a team people thought couldn’t be stopped, and Lebron finally atoned for his sins to the city metaphorically. Baseball-wise, this radiant positivity somehow made its way to the best team with the worst mascot, the Cleveland Indians. Sure, they’d won a World Series after both world wars had occurred, but that had still been 69 years ago.

Then Wednesday the 19th happened, and the Indians made it into the World Series.

This World Series is going to be a special one in a year that might go down as being one of the worst years ever in recent history. Two teams that haven’t been the biggest things in the world, with one being dragged into the muck of its city’s championship drought and the other having been a laughingstock and a reliable punchline for 108 years, are going to face off in a match for the ages. The series this year will end in either Cleveland becoming the town that won two major championships in one year, or the Chicago Cubs finally showing that the brand was built on more than failure & acceptance.

Honestly, as a White Sox fan, I’d be intrigued to see either of those endings. Apologies to the West Coast and to New England and even to Missouri, but this is a series I’m actually excited to see. The Cubs shut out the Dodgers 5-0 after 6 games! The Indians took out the Blue Jays, and seriously, did anyone expect “Torono” to make it this far?!

Sports have been interesting this year, and I hope this extends to the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup as well. And as for this World Series, I’ll remain impartial.

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