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Ollie’s: A Small Town Classic

Lindsey Yunker, Public Relations Officer

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Ollie's Frozen Custard in Sycamore. Photo courtesy of Sam Buckner.

Ollie’s Frozen Custard in Sycamore. Photo courtesy of Sam Buckner.

What makes a town special? Is it the people? The traditions? The hometown feel? Or is it the custard? Sycamore, Illinois is home to a truly valuable treasure: Ollie’s Frozen Custard.

Just opening for the new season on Wednesday, February 24th, Ollie’s Frozen Custard, (better known as Ollie’s) is a small-town custard “shop and serve” that is only open from late February to mid October. It is loved amongst those from Sycamore and residents near or far.

Ollie’s is one of the few places in Sycamore and DeKalb that does not have a drive-thru, and some people would argue that this is one of the many things that makes the place so great. Unlike most “fast food” or other restaurants, Ollie’s custard must be ordered outside when you are not in a car.

In the warmer months, it can be pretty nice to see people coming to Ollie’s. In fact, the line will usually trail down the sidewalk, to the road.

At nighttime, Ollie’s is something that most people in DeKalb County love to experience. The yellow fluorescent lights illuminate the glow on the people’s faces, while waiting to order their favorite combination sundaes, the whole experience is pretty special.

The combination sundaes are what truly makes Ollie’s so unique. Everyone has their favorites. In fact, Madison Schap, a student at Kishwaukee, states that her favorite is the S’mores combination sundae. This has melted marshmallow, chocolate custard, graham crackers and a cherry.

Drew Anderson, a student at Kishwaukee, had what some would call the “ultimate” Ollie’s experience: He has tried all of the sundae combinations.

When I asked him why he decided to do this, he answered that he felt a sort of obligation.“I tried two sundaes at first, the Elvis and the S’mores, and they both blew my mind! Well– my taste buds. I figured that because they were both so amazing they all have to be of equal caliber to be on the menu, So I dove in!”

After trying all of them, he stated (as did Schap) that his favorite was the S’mores sundae.

When I asked if he felt like he had achieved the “ultimate Ollie’s experience,” He had a definitive answer for me. “I did feel that way, at first. However, I believe now I have only just

begun,” he states. “I am so blessed to live so close to Ollie’s and have this opportunity to continue my endeavors.”

My favorite combination sundae is the Blackbird. This has crushed oreo toppings, chocolate custard, hot fudge, banana, and a cherry.

My favorite combo sundae is the Blackbird. It has crushed Oreo toppings, chocolate custard, hot fudge, banana, and a cherry. (Photo by Lindsey Yunker.)

Of course, not everyone has the same favorite as those two individuals. Melissa Baus, another student at Kishwaukee, has two favorites: The Harlination and the Elvis (as Anderson mentioned earlier). The Harlination has melted marshmallow, kitkat pieces, caramel and a cherry, while the Elvis has peanut butter, melted marshmallow, banana and a cherry.

Ollie’s is something that is truly special to those who live in Sycamore and the surrounding area. Those who leave Illinois always hold close the heartwarming feeling that Ollie’s gives, and whenever they return, they cannot wait to experience it again!

All of the information in this article was found through personal experience and through the official Ollie’s website.


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Ollie’s: A Small Town Classic