1: Final Day of K-Scope Christmas! Staff Decides Each Others’ New Years Resolutions

Courtney Huhta, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Emma Wille, Matthew Simonson
Created by Emma Wille; edited by Matthew Simonson.

As the 25 Days of K-Scope comes to an end, the Kaleidoscope staff celebrated the end of a successful semester by having a potluck party and a white elephant gift exchange in our office.  To conclude the past twenty-four days of Christmas related articles, the k-scope staff got together to “suggest” each other’s New Year’s resolutions. Here is what we came up with (all in good humor, of course):


Be less picky; talk to more strangers; make amends with Ben (he he he); make a documentary; don’t worry about offending people; take a break once in a while; continue to work hard, but remember to relax every once in a while.


Learn to delegate responsibilities (3x); take a break every once in a while; stop being amazing at everything (we need proof you’re human); make Ang a cake; wear more light-up shirts.

Big Ang:

Don’t take any more snap videos; keep being outgoing… and stop making scary faces in the office window; make more survival tips; redder hair; curl your hair more often; stay cool.


You’re amazing! Don’t change anything (we need proof that you’re human, too); keep making cool costumes; start a cartoon empire; listen to Justin Bieber; make more penguins; continue being sunshine and rainbow… it’s what you’re best at! (And drawing comics, of course.)


Speak with authority / speak up (2x); spend less time on meaningless puzzles; stay cool; keep up the fashionable style; start a rival cartoon empire; dye your hair blue and purple again; keep making awesome / humorous comics (2x).


Stop making out with your dog; keep being a sweetheart; bring your dogs to school at least once a month; get more puppies; keep sending creepy snap chats.


Quit swearing; make more jokes… but whisper them; use an inside voice (4x);
no more puns (2x).


Wear less hats and show your flow; start wearing hats again; straighten your hair; talk more / join in on conversations (2x);  take good care of that autographed bagel; may the force be with you.


Stay on the K-Scope staff; talk more / join in on conversations (2x); share your Youtube videos everywhere; work less… K-scope more. When you become a famous Toutuber, you must remember your good friends from the K-scope squad.  May the force be with you.

The K-Scope staff wishes everybody a joyous and safe winter break. We will reconvene on January 19th, 2016. See you next year!

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